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WEDDING pricing & what's included

Multi-Award winning Scottish Wedding Videographer Gordon Buchanan of Struie Media Productions  can be bringing his 14 years experience of filming of over 500  mostly highland weddings to date, to capture and preserve the memories of your big day. No need to enquire just to get a quote, this guide represents the total cost payable for  a standard 11 hour day booking for wedding film productions at venues within the Dornoch / Inverness radius. Additional distance and duration option below
Travel  (approximately 25 miles from my base in Ardross) There is no limit as to where I’m prepared to travel, although additional travel time will be charged on the basis of £15 per hour (over the 1 hour total drive time included) plus 25p per mile for milage exceeding the 50 miles included (fuel rate may have to vary)

Securing a booking: All that is required is a (non -refundable) booking fee of £100. The balance based on the package chosen (which doesn’t need to be decided at time of securing booking) less the booking fee, is payable 6 weeks prior to your wedding date.

Your Wedding Filming  Package   'WHAT IS INCLUDED?' 

4 cameras shooting in 4K (Plus drone footage pre and post ceremony if grounds and weather is practical and safe to do so) are used during the ceremony + speeches
(given that there is adequate space to do so)
3 cameras during the evening reception  1 on high crane  -  1 on tripod  -  1 roaming on a gimbal


11 hours coverage (10.00am until no later than 9.00pm)

10.00am:  Arriving at the arranged 1st location to get footage of morning bridal party preparations
eg. Hair and makeup, giving of gifts, detail shots and catching some of the atmosphere and banter on the wedding morning.

Depending on the format and locations of the day, I would move on to setup for the ceremony
If the entire day is in a hotel or castle etc. I have the flexibility to get more footage of preparations as they progress also shots of the bride to be and bridesmaids all ready for the ceremony.

Shots of guests arriving 

Groom and groomsmen arriving (if not already staying at the venue)

Following the ceremony, footage throughout setup of photos and guests mingling.
If the couple are going on a photo shoot detour, I will follow along with them. During the allocated time for photos I will require a short amount of that time to get some specific video clips (Photographers will need to be made aware of this in advance as many photographers will use all of the available time unless informed in advance) I will only need a couple of minutes during the photo shoot for when I think of some specific shots to get based on the setting and location.   

I will need to return to the venue in time to setup for filming the speeches which I will need around 30 minutes to prepare for.

Usually the speeches are before the meal, and based on this once the speeches are finished I will remove the cameras to make space for the catering staff.

After the meal I get footage of guests and if the couple are getting more photos done I will follow this.

When the venue is ready , I set up for filming the dancing.

Finishing at no later than 9.00pm (unless arrangements have been made for me to stay later)


HD version on a USB stick  for future proofing in high quality and allows for easy copying.  

Highlights montage (approx. 10 minute edit of the best bits of the day
Highlights will be uploaded to my Vimeo and Youtube channels in full HD and shared on facebook once the couple has had an opportunity  to view first and let me know if they are satisfied the way it is with no adjustments requested, I will sghere to social media. This is my main source of promoting my services.

Overall duration of the finished edit will vary depending on the duration of the ceremony and the speeches plus all the other footage taken on the day but on average the main edit is around 2 1/2 hours plus the approx. 10 minute highlights montage


Total payable: £900  (if within the included travel allowance as detailed above)
for those wanting more evening coverage to catch the party in full swing or even on to film the grand finale, ‘the big last dance’ additional coverage from 9.00pm onwards will be £35 per half hour.

(finishing time needs to be decided and agreed in advance.)

Any bookings for later than 10.00pm will be required to add on £50.00 towards the  cost of overnight accommodation.

Footage possibilities for an extended stay ~ Video messaging from family and guests: this will depend on practicality of venue having an area available to use that is away from the music, and on willingness of guests to participate

Ceilidh dancing can often start  a few dances in, if so, and the 1st dance has started much later than planned (which is usually the case), it can  be filmed later on if i’m still around.

If you are having a photo booth it is fun to catch footage of your quests picking their props etc. and having a laugh.

There might be a family member or guest who goes up on the stage and does a number or a dance etc.
this is always good to catch. Yes your guests will have iphones and tablets etc. but moments like these are worth getting filmed properly and included in the main edit of your wedding film.


In addition to the days coverage approx 35-40 hours editing and finalising time is needed, so due to excessive workloads, editing and completion can vary depending on the time of year, turn around is approx. 8-12 weeks from the wedding date.

Once I have completed the main edit and highlights I deliver a copy on USB stick. For any tweaks to your preference eg. if there is a specific section of footage you want removed or the sound source changed  etc. (if possible)  these alterations need to be outlined on the timeline of the video file eg.  4 Minutes 12 seconds to 4 minutes 16 seconds (can you remove this footage)  compiling a list in this format.  From the date of posting the proof copy I will have to assume that no adjustments are required. I will then finalise and send you the final edit on an SD card.

Unless otherwise stated , I will upload and share the highlights edit on my facebook and youtube channel for my promotional purposes.
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