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Drone Image Samples

DJI_0321  C.jpg

Aerial Video Montage

Aerial Stills 3

Aerial Stills 4


There is no specific number of shots taken  unless specified prior to the flight. I as the remote pilot will make a varied selection of shots at different angles and heights plus any specific positioning that may have been  requested by you, the client.


Video footage is shot in UHD (4K) as with stills no specific amount of footage taken, but I would take a sufficient quantity that captures varied angles and manoevres including any in particular described by you the client.


If the client or representative is on site during the flight/s the option to directly transfer  the raw footage and stills from laptop to either a memory card USB stick if the client has either taken one or one could be provided on the day OR 

Raw footage direct  from the drone camera is shot in log. Rather  than in-camera colour processing, log captures more dynamic data that is intended for editors to maximise and control exposure and  re-colouring in post processing.




Stills can be directly transferred as they are as they look good straight from the camera.

A price can be agreed for direct transfer as described above, then if further work needs done ie. cropping or removal of unwanted objects in certain photos. or colouring and editing of video footage, this can be arranged.

Or a price based on Distance to site from Ardross (Home base), Insurance and License fees, 1 hour on site, 1 hour preparation of still images + Short video edit

Files transferred via WETRANSFER  (online file transfer service)

Payment                                         PRICE GUIDE

On preview of watermarked images, final hi res images will be sent after agreed payment has been received.

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