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In the age where video either as the main media or supplement to  advertising and  public awareness of the service or products you provide, is now an expectation. What is assumed to be an expensive option to have a short promotional film made is a misconception. There are a few samples on the page link on the right.  The approx. cost of a videos production as in the samples below.
-  If location is within 10 mile radius of Ardross IV170YD
-  Limit of  4 hours on site or sites
-  All footage captured on the one site visit
-  Only one re-edit to tweak to preference after previewing a proof edit
This would work out approx. around  £300 / £375

Future Alterations

Through time your service will likely adapt and you may wish that you had made the video differently or a change in personnel who have appeared in it. I archive all projects for potential future edits that depending on what you were wanting to change, could me much lower in cost to adapt.

Due to busy schedule with weddings, I am available mainly on weekdays for shooting commercial videos. If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss your vision and to get an estimate, give a general description in te form on this page and I will contact you to discuss your requirements. 

Check on availability or request a call to discuss   

Thanks for submitting!

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