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why would you get your wedding filmed?

Cinematographer - Gordon Buchanan

You might think, 'that's a bit of an odd question' but believe it or not l've had couples say to me at wedding exhibitions when asking them if they considering having your wedding filmed, to get the answer is ok thanks we already have a photographer booked.  ?

If you have date confirmed and  are still considering whether or not to book a videographer to film your wedding, It's worth taking into account what you will be getting for your money. Let's face it with the latest mobiles anyone can capture reasonable quality footage,  but stop to think of the limitations in relying on that for your one off big day.

Is it steady? - Are the clips more than a few seconds? - Can you hear whats going on next to the phone? - Does the person filming know how to edit  the footage or will it ever actually get done?    There are so many reasons why this should be left to a professional


Here is a well covered article in  explaining what to look for when booking a wedding videographer

To answer your questions on whether or not it is something that is really worth getting done, read this article from Hitched

An unobtrusive highly skilled and experienced videographer /Editor 'independant from your wedding guests'  capturing footage all day, so no need to be hoping that after your big day that some guests have more than snippets on their phones and you can have the piece of mind that a professional is getting good footage for you and will edit and present it as you'd hope for.

* Real time coverage of the ceremony and speeches  with 4  x  4K cameras.

* Footage of morning preparations of the bridal party, starting at 10.00am until  the evening reception up until 9.00pm (or longer if requested)

* HD main edit (Approx. 2 hours plus) and a highlights montage (Approx. 10 mins) supplied on  a 32GB USB stick .

* Audio recorded using radio mics

* Approx 2.5 hours of main edit plus an approx. 10 minute highlights montage (dependent on duration of ceremony and speeches)

"You don't want to be relying on some brief shaky clips from phones or tablets with distant sound. Get it captured by a multi camera setup with professional 4K footage with studio grade audio clarity and edited by an expert."Look forward to be hearing from you"

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