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aerial imagery

There are many uses for aerial work including the following;

  • Roof inspection

  • A nice aerial photo of your home and garden

  • Land Surveying

  • Landscape planning /progress of a project

  • General photography/Footage

  • Urban Planning

  • 360 Panorama image or video

  • Music Video footage

  • Weddings

  • For additional dynamic footage to use with a short corporate / promotional film that you are just about to  commission Struie Media Productions to produce for a very reasonable price

  • Property marketing (compliment the interior photos of your property marketing package from your estate agent)

  • Tourism Promo

  • Additional footage and stills for Struie Wedding Films wedding package

  • Construction Progress

  • On Land Wind Turbine Inspection


Capturing aerial images with a  Drone substantially reduces the cost of a site survey and the workload of specialists in the field. Safe fast and cost effective visual inspections or to help visualise the landscape or progress of a development.  


All proposed projects are assessed as to their feasibility within the limits permitted and set by the company. Please complete an enquiry form including a brief description on what you are looking for in aerial imagery and I'll get in touch with a quote if it sounds like something we could do for you.


Gordon Buchanan of Struie Media Productions is a  fully qualified   PfCO licensed  CAA approved. Drone Pilot.


As you'll imagine there are many limitations and restrictions as to how you are permitted to fly a drone in the UK here are some examples but by no means an exhaustive list;

  • Distance from people - Property - Crowds - Wildlife - Airfields (obviously) 

  • Daytime flight only (this is a limitation on my level of license)

  • 140ft high and 500m distance from take off and always in visual line of sight

  • Temporary or permanent Airspace restrictions

  • Weather:  Struie Media Productions have set weather condition limits in which to operate


This will vary based on the clients request. Typically  several stills and 4k footage will be taken. This might be very specific or could be left to the remote pilot's  professional judgement in the best angles, flight manouvres and distances from the subject etc. 


  1. You complete and submit the form on this page with a brief outline of what you are looking for

  2. Given that you have provided enough info on this form, I can assess whether or not this is within our scope or or outwith my approved flying limitations

  3. Either way, I will contact you with a response

  4. If good to proceed You will be asked to complete a 'Location Permission to Fly Form' in your land or the land you are in charge of

  5. A date / time of day  / more detail on the objective etc. can at that stage can be discussed

  6. A site visit may be arranged depending on the distance and detail of the operation

  7. The weather conditions will be assessed the night before and a decision made on the probability of flying at the proposed time.

  8. Weather again is considered on the morning of the proposed flight and also NOTAM's are checked (Notice To Airmen) these are airspace notifications that may restrict or prohibit flying in the proposed flight area. 

  9. Assuming the plan goes ahead and all is a success in getting the images you are after, proof copies are uploaded to you for checking. You have the choice of RAW footage and stills to edit at a later stage or to pass on to someone else to edit. RAW footage is captured in LOG which basically means that straight from the camera it will look rather  flat and de-saturated, quite lifeless. This is a dynamic format that has more information that can be realised in post production, ie. colour, contrast, tone, a specific look. OR' I can deliver ready to use edited footage.

  10. If satisfied with the images as they are payment is transferred before the full (non watermark) versions are sent to you. The images are yours to use for anything other than selling them on to a third party as stock images.

  11. Hopefully you are a happy enough to make a positive review


All projects will be priced accordingly based on a number of factors, but we promise you'll be pleasantly surprised as to how reasonable it will be for such a high quality service and finished product


Still images and video footage are uploaded as proofs with watermarks embedded. Once any tweaking/editing has been completed and payment has been made in full, the finished product is uploaded to you to use as you wish other than re-selling the footage as it is. 

Short selection of samples of Drone video with some info on screen

Struie Media Aerial Imagery
Watch Now

Planning and Preparation

There are several processes  involved in planning and executing each and every flight operation, but I will deal with all that although you as the client will be involved throughout this and although the objective of the flight may be for example to capture some stills and video footage from a brief  inspection of a roof or tall structure, each project includes pre-planning to site assessment and follow up documentation, so the preparation time from before actually being on site to seeing the flight/s through and preparation of stills and  or video footage for uploading, can  be considerable. It  may be anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour on site  before even flying.  The cost of licence and insurance  cover also has to be incorporated into the pricing of each and every job, although this cost will be a fraction of what it could cost for eg. safe rope access or  scaffolding, manpower etc.  

Details of Proposed Project & Location

Thank you for your enquiry. I will have a look and get back to you shortly to let you know if this is do able and to continue with looking into your project requirements in more detail

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