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Planning your wedding for the filming

There are many factors that can affect how a videographer can get the best footage of your wedding. When I contact you after your booking is secured, I will go over a few of the things that are worth considering at the planning stage. It will give you an opportunity to take these recommendations into account when making plans or decisions. This will also help reduce the number of questions to ask you closer the time, and avoid having to ask on the day with regards to any unclarified points that I will need to know.

I can provide a list of  pointers in advance so when we speak you should be familiar with what we will be discussing. 

Key affecting factors

Lighting:  Low light affects picture quality and skin tone - Lighting for effect ie. led lights or wall uplighters to decorate the venue can cause flickering on screen and undesirable skin colouring. This is also likely to affect your still photos.

Space: There has to be adequate space for a 4 camera setup, and for a good view of the couple during both the ceremony and speeches. 

Obstructions:  Large flower displays and arches etc.   It is worth considering the space needed for placement of the camera tripod,  distance required from front row of seats to area needed fr the bridal party and photographers, are the flower arrangements likely to block the view of guests, either from them seeing you or the camera seeing your families in the front row.
Background Sounds:  Although a radio lapel mic is used on the groom during the ceremony, there are often background sounds that are not obvious to the human ear at the time,  due to focusing on proceedings.  There are often extractor fans, generators ( if a marquee ), wind, ( if outside ),  babies or small children crying. etc. these sounds will be in the finished edit if not controlled to an extent on the day.

It's worth checking or instructing where possible,-  If fans can be left off during the ceremony or speeches if temperature allows

The Celebrant / Minister sometimes announce (if requested to do so by the couple) that if small children are unsettled during the ceremony ,that they should feel free to take them out to settle them. This often helps drop the hint to those who other wise would sit it out before thinking of doing this.Some lighting or sound systems can give off buzzing which can be prominent in the soundtrack.

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